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Friday, May 29, 2015

I want to be happy

Being Myself

Ashley of AshleysHomeSpun
Being myself. That's who I want to be, I want to be who I am, and I want to be happy. So that's what I want, so who am I?

A photographer, a wife, a haberdasher, a maker of fine goods, a crafter, a director, a friend, a sister. Those are all the things people may know about me, I am also a risk taker, socially awkward, funny, sarcastic, perfectionist, a hard worker, super lazy, a health nut, and a lover of sweets.

I want to take you back into the world of me.

I bogged myself down with running two businesses, another full time job, and a blog. Now I am down to running two business, and a part time channel on a site called, YouTube.

I am finally starting to learn what time management is, and figuring out the checks and balances in my life.

So let us start with this, once a week I will post about anything I want. It may be a review, it may be about a new item I have, it may even be about my personal life, but it will be what I want to write about.

I often feel like if I do something and others don't enjoy it, then I stop doing it. I hate seeing numbers decrease, and seeing no feedback. So now it won't be about comments, views, or favorites, no more number games.

For now on it will be me, being myself.
~ Ashley

Photography Credit: Sabel Moments Photography

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