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Sunday, March 27, 2016

When I'm Not Knitting

Ashley Christine String Theory Photography

When I'm not knitting, I'm cleaning, blogging, and on occasion, shooting.

The last session I was honored to shoot, was an adorable small family. Mom, dad, and the cutest little girl, little Ms. R.

There is something magic about a small children, they can convey emotions so purely, and display an array of facial expression without a second thought.

I am absolutely in love with capturing this little girl, ever since last year during 4th of July Minis. Now in tow was her parents, and her.

Ashley Christine Sting Theory Photography

I saw so much love within this small family, along with a well behaved 2 year old (yes she's two), was a loving mother, and a doting father.

We had just under gone some heavy rain the last week, and there was a rather large mud puddle.

I mean, you could jump it, with a running start, or take a few thoughtful, and well placed steps and hopefully have minimal mud on your shoes. But there was no going around, or finding a different way.

So, I crossed with props in tow, and observed a loving man pick up his two girls, first crossing, one at a time. But on the way back, he had them both in his arms, keeping them out of the filth.

Truly a family based in love.

Now, here comes the fun bits, showing off the gallery to parents, and having them pick out the images that will hang on their walls and fill their frames.

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