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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Arrow Points UP

Watching the Numbers Ascend 

What's this? Another post? so soon?

Why yes I'm back to update you all, again. It's only fair considering that I missed you all for an entire month, well technically a year, but let's not open old wounds.

So, I'm back to tell you all some news, (of course what else would I be doing here?), and I must say it's good news.

I've been having increasing sales off my usual website, and within 2 days, I have sold 7 hats. That's more than I usually sale in two months, minus October - December. All through the wonderful power of networking and word of mouth; something to do with my boldness, and good name. Who would have thought my name would actually carry some positive weight?

Other than that, I just pressed the button on an order to help with my new sold orders. For the longest time I have been using tissue paper, and packing paper for my orders, and while it's aesthetically pleasing, it's not practical. 

And to be quite frank it usually has me worried sick about the paper color bleeding into the yarn crafted hat. So much so I wouldn't use tissue paper for pale toned hats and props, which isn't fair to those in which purchase those types from me; consistency is something I strive for.

So what did I do to change this? Well starting the 28th, when my order arrives, I will be using clear poly bags. (The one's that have the warnings on them, naturally.) Now, even though the tissues is gone, and the paper has wrapped it's last hat, that doesn't mean my packaging is going stale.

If you've ever purchased anything from me in the past, or even worked with me (photogs I'm looking at you), you will still receive that special extra something that has always been there. No, I won't be saying what that extra something is, that would ruin the magic.

I feel like this is a step in the right direction, and I want to come across as professional as possible. So I hope you all embrace this change in a positive way, as well.

Also, before I sign off, this wouldn't be an AshleysHomeSpun blog without a cute photo of a baby!

Knit Ribbed Bonnet 6-12 months

~ Ashley

Photo courtesy of: Kari Layland Photography 

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