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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Around the World

Crafting is my dream job

The first thing I want to point out is, you all are fantastic! You guys have helped me and supported me so much, and I can't even thank you enough. But still; Thank you!

Now with this in mind I would like to talk about where we now are in the world. Not too long ago, I sold to Italy, and Canada, in the same week.

So my tiny little hats are now in, New Zealand, almost every state in the US, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Canada. I can't even believe it, my tiny shop is international! When I started my Etsy, I never imagined getting sales out of Texas, let alone the country. This means we need something to celebrate!

What better way than with two new hats?! For those that want another giveaway, I plan on doing that once we reach 300 sales!

Without further ado here they are:

Pale Blue Newborn Knit Knot Hat

Cream 6 -12 months Knit Bonnet

Also, Guess who's back?! That's right, KARI!!!!

Isn't her work a sight for sore eyes?! I am in love all over again! Click Here, to go to her website, and view all of her other fantastic shots she has taken.

I am actually awaiting two more photos back of 2 more new props I've sent to her, as well. I'm happy to have her back in my arsenal of fresh props. I think she's enjoying them, too.

Thank you to all of my fans, and supporters!


Blue Mohair Newborn Crochet Bonnet*
*Photo by, Erin Steele. (My other equally as awesome photographer)

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