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Monday, January 24, 2011

It's News to You :)

Well, if you are consistantly checking out my blog then you will have noticed the late night blog review.
Which is very weird because the last blog review I did was months ago, and it took me forever to do it.

Well blogspot has updated, and now I can copy and paste :), that means I will be reviewing all the time. I have many people in a line waiting patiently for me to post their shop. I may also be doing a product review!!!

I need more people for this blog. I need more consistant viewers and commenters. So tell your friends about my blog!!!


Now to the Ashley's Home Spun part :)

I sold a lot more hats this month. 12 actually!!! Can you believe it?

Here is the newest addition to the Shop.

Pick Your Own Color - Newborn - Pom Pom Ear hat
That's right! Pick your own color. 5 different fun and cute newborn colors. Click the link to see what choices you have :)

I'm up to 56 sales!!!! That's right 56!!!

(But Ashley the last time we heard from you, you only had 46[ish] sales?!)

I know, I know. I fell behind on my blog again. I mean to keep up with it but orders kept coming in and the blog didn't really do much for me so....nvm.

Oh! Here is another new item pic, straight from Kari's Studio!
Partly Cloudy Sky - Newborn - New Style Elf Hat

I told you it was coming, and now it's finally here!!! Leave a comment and tell me what you think about these 2 items. Would you buy one if you had a little one to get it for? Why or Why not?

Thanks again guys I'm going to go get back to work!



  1. Aw, adorable. If I had a baby I'd get the hat with the poms because they're just too fun!

  2. Hi Ashley! Thanks for entering my giveaway on my blog (Sweet and Lush), I love your shop! Everything is so cute! Wish I had a baby to dress up! :) Take care!