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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 Years Later

Isn't (s)He Lovely
Note: This is a personal post.

Well here I am once again, it's that time of the year where fireworks are causing allergies, and hearing loss, but we deal with it because it's another notch on the belt of freedom.

I know what you're thinking, Ashley, the 4th of July was about 2 weeks ago. I know, and I'm sorry about that, I wanted to post something but instead my brain fell out, and I missed you guys for over a month. That's my bad, but I have good news! You'll be getting 2 posts today!

You know the shop now know me. That's the tag line on this little blog, and here is something about me. Don't worry, all you shop lovers out there will get a chance on my second post where I update what's new with the shop.

So anyway, on that fine Fourth in the beginning of our great July me and my husband celebrated our 5th anniversary. We drove out to my parents place, and shot off a meager collection of fireworks, then sat around a bonfire cooking marshmallows and hot dogs, also enjoying home grilled cheese burgers. (All was missing was bacon, it's a shame because it's the one time a year I really splurge on what makes me American.)

I sat with my hubby, watched the fire crackle, and watched as the neighbors shot off their months paychecks with array of colorfully lit explosions all around us.

My mother echoing each powerful blast with her own hearty laugh and "Boom!" of her own.

Mosquitoes finally gone with the help of a smelly liquid that we now were all doused with, I settled in more and leaned on my misters chest. "5 years already, babe". I said into the darkness. "Can you believe it?"

I knew I couldn't for the life of me know where the time had gone, too many days apart, too many days spent doing nothing, or fighting. Far too many days that shouldn't have counted into our time together, but you don't get to choose which days count into your time, you have to take them all and keep pushing forward.

Now Kelly and I have been married for about 1 1/2 years, but we still celebrate our relationships true beginning, it helps us take an extra moment for ourselves and just be with each other.

The honeymoon phase is all but gone, he no longer blows out my marshmallow's flame with embarrassed giggles when it won't go out; I no longer jump on his back at a moments notice. But we still do poke fun at one another, and wrestle even more. We now have moments where we stay up all night, just to watch the sun come up through our window.

We call each other mom, and dad in relation to our kitty, that is far too spoiled.

5 years later, he still frustrates me, and makes me laugh, and I love him even more than I did when we first felt it, and I know that our love will continue to grow with each passing day. No matter how hard we fight, we will love twice as hard.

I sat there staring at the fire, as my dad told my sir the same story for the 15th time, and I took in the moment. This memory I want to keep with me, one day it will be forgotten in some little tiff, or in the cries of our first born. But when the smoke, and hearing loss comes back around I will remember the moments I've captured, and that's where I'll look when things don't seem worth it, or get tough.

I hope all of those out there had a safe and fantastic Fourth of July. Here's hoping you all many precious memories your self; to another 5000 more!

~ Ashley

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