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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


And that's not all folks!

You know when you have a big secret, and you finally get to tell the world? Finally you get to get it off your chest, and you're grinning ear to ear; your smile is beaming, and you're glowing with excitement.

Well right now that's me. I now get to tell and show you the new projects I've been working on. Also, there is more to come, I'm still waiting on many, many, many more photos of new props and sets from a fantastic photographer of mine. She is now on a 4+ week wait list for edits because she is so busy with sessions and new clients. So I am patiently sitting on my hands, and admiring each new photo she is able to post, even if it's not mine.

One of the newest props are:

Newborn Knapsack w/Drawstrings
 This tiny little beauty is one of my favorite new creations. Don't you just love the way it looks? You take a tiny person, and wrap them into one of these little knapsacks, and they stay just as cozy and comfy as they did in the womb. I can't tell you how many giggles, and squeals of joy I've received showing off this prop in action to my family and friends. I can tell this prop will be a big hit.

The next thing in the line up of reveals, is a hat we've seen before, just being sported by a baby boy this time, and in a new color:

Gray Newborn Mohair Bonnet
No longer do girls have all the props. Fewer ties, and in a neutral gray; this little hat screams newborn boy.

My photographer, Erin, matched it with a deeper shade of gray, stretch knit wrap, to pull all the pieces of the image together. I encourage all of my customers, and expecting friends to talk to their newborn photographers about what they want their photos themes to be. This photo would even be cute with wrap that matched the hat, or even matching newborn pants. I also suggest giving creative freedom to your photographer to help make your images 100x better with a themed set up you hadn't thought of.

Neutrals are very much in this season; along with earth tone, and brights. If you have a color suggestion for me, please feel free to tell me in the comments!

Last but certainly not least:

Boyish tones Knit Knot Hat
There is something that just makes my heart sing when it comes to knit newborn hats. Right now, I've got this knitting bug that I cannot kick, and my itch was only partially satisfied after the creation of this cute head decoration. Mix and matching is endless with this sweet hat, reworked with pink or purple for any girly girl, or all neutrals for the baby's who's gender was a surprise. Plus the ribbing makes small and large newborn noggins rest easy.

Also, since this knit cap is so easy on and off, if your newborn doesn't want to be posed during their session, you can get different images with minimal re-positioning. A new parent, and photographers must have prop.
Also, because of no ties or pom poms, you can have your sweetheart use this hat for everyday use, too.

*note, even daily use hats should be used with supervision, and aren't intended for over night use.

*photo props should only be used with supervision, and for short periods of time. Props aren't intended for overnight use, or for daily use.

Wait, what about the title?

Well my super observant readers, the title does not lie. This is not all, as previously stated there will be many more photos to be sent to me. But also in addition to me getting even more photos, I am making even more props, hats, and sets. Right now I am doing mainly knit projects, but I may sneak a few crochet projects into the lot for my photographers.

I hope to keep expanding my shop, and my goal is to have 50+ new items in my shop by the end of this year.

If you have any suggestions of what new and different creations you wish to see in my shop please comment below. I read each and every comment religiously.

- Ashley,            

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