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Monday, April 14, 2014

Step By Step

You crawl before you walk

New props, and hats are on the way. Photo below is one of the things that are coming soon. I am so happy I decided to try more knitting. I think in honor of the new upcoming props, I will talk about my shop's beginnings, and what I did wrong when I started out.

Sneak peek
Don't think success happens over night, you will fail and fall, before you find your balance, and walk through the door. I know when people look at me, and see what I've done, they then usually ask, "What's your secret?" I use to ask others the same thing.

I saw them making money doing what they love, doing it so well, so 'perfectly'. I would ask, "Tell me how to be like you. Tell me what to do, so I can do what I love for a living." They would answer, "It takes time, and effort. Do your best, and do it well. Don't give up, and if you need to wait and take your time to get all your stock ready, do that. It's better than to wait and be prepared, then just start and be caught with your pants down." Not a direct quote, and I asked many people; this is just a summary of what they all told me.

Naturally, I wasn't in the mood for waiting, and I thought I was the best thing ever, so I didn't need much to start with. Also, I had a camera, so I could do my own photos.

Well....about two months later I sold 2 items. I thought I was going to start making sales left and right, I had already been creating like a mad woman, so I made sure to put tons more products up right away.

The coupon code wasn't an option, so I did small sales, and freebies with purchases. I was there, in sale city, I waited for more customers, and waited, and waited, and 6 months later, I was upset and crushed.

Why? My photos were a tad bit better, and my stuff was new, and the patterns were my own. People should be flocking to my shop. Nothing but a couple dozen views to my site and items. Why? My stuff was the best; my prices, unbeatable; I even had freebies!!!

Well, now looking back, I can't believe I made those 2 sales. My photos were horrid, my items (they were good quality, mind you but) not something people would be attracted too, and my freebies/sales made anyone that may have been interested look elsewhere. People want their purchases to be worth what they spend on them.

If you're slashing prices, and giving things away just to make a sale, there is something wrong with your items. Even if there isn't, that's what your customers/clients/patrons will think.

If you can't do product photography well, find someone who can. Invest in your business, make things you would want. Don't use cheap supplies to create your items; quality is key; the devil is in the details, these are sayings for a reason.

Find your niche, and make it your own. Also, doing new things with your shop is always the best way to keep yourself current and avoid becoming stale. It's very important to keep changing; because you never know what you'll be doing in the future. It's amazing what can change in a year.

because you never know what you'll be doing in the future.

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