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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Temperature Tracking - TTC

*Disclaimer, all TTC posts will be unfiltered and real life truth. If menstrual cycles, ovulation, pregnancy, sexual themes/words, bodily fluids and functions, make you uneasy, please refrain from reading further. This is your warning, and I will not apologize if you feel offended by my words in any way.

There are many, many ways to track your ovulation. To keep myself sane, and to feel in control of this emotional, and stressful time (the first month of TTC) I decided to keep busy with many different ovulation tests, and trackers.

There is an app on my iPhone, call P.Tracker it does everything from tracking fertility (if you tell it you are trying) to your monthlies. I had been using said app for well over 2 years, and had my cycles tacked to a T.

Unfortunately, due to some user error, my iPhone broke, and I lost a full years worth of information, down from spotting, to intimacy days, to period duration. Thankfully, I was able to re-download, and restart (from scratch) this last years information.

My cycle, thanks to my pills, was 28 days, 32 if you count your period.
I do not count my period as a part of my ovulation cycle, I will explain further in my next TTC post.

So, the form I used daily, during my menstrual cycle, to my pre-ovulation, during ovulation, and post ovulation, is temperature tracking.

What exactly does one need to do daily to get an accurate standing with your ovulation?
All you need to do, is simply take your temperature, and have it charted every day.

Once you hit your lowest temp, 12-15 days after your menstrual cycle, you are most likely about to ovulate or are in process of ovulation. Please remember sperm lives up to 72 hours, where an egg only live 12 - 24 hours. So as soon as you get your base number, it's time to start TTC.

This is also a way to track, and avoid sex, if you are not ready for a child, or another child just yet.

I am very glad my first month, I was doing temperature track, cervical fluid tracking, AND ovulation tests.

My little app, was fantastic with keeping my temperature number in a chart for me, but it's prediction on ovulation was slightly wrong. Had I not known about more than temperature tracking, I may have missed my opportunity, as my temp was steadily declining day after day, until my base.

I would't have known it was my base, had it not been for my other trackings and tests. The next day my temp went back up to normal, and I knew that temp tracking had worked for me.

What did I do?
Every day at the same time, I would take my temperature and mark it on my chart, that's it.
Once I got to 12 days after AF, I also found my cervical fluid had drastically changed, and I got a SMILEY on my ovulation test. That's how I found out I had hit my base with my temp.

I was at 96.1 that day, and 97.5, the next.

(I know, I know, yes I hope I'm this organized when I do have a itty-bitty. But that's probably wishful thinking.) ;)

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