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Tuesday, June 23, 2015



It's okay to stress, it help gets things done, and puts the needs in full view.

Unfortunately, once you've stressed for far too many moons, it can take a toll on your mental health.

Something many people turn to in times of stress is crafting. I for one turn to many different types of crafting. If it's creating a house hold decoration, or creating a DIY for a cosplay accessory, maybe even getting some writing done. I cannot tell you what a release it is to work on a novel.

Most importantly, when I am bogged down with life's struggles, I go to my knitting, or crocheting, and I am not the only one. I get to be apart of these fantastic communities that many stressed, and anxious creators join in.

My main place to unwind and relax is a crochet group. All the beautiful pieces that flood the screen make my heart leap, and knowing that it's not a dying art keeps my mind at ease. 1000s of people share their latest yarn finds, patterns they've newly written, and my favorite, completed projects.

Everything from lace doilies, to chunky afghans shower the screen every minute. Sparking new inspirations from young and old crafters alike, taking everyone's mind back into a place where only creativity and wonder exist.

It's okay to stress, it's okay to worry; it means you have something to do, but remember. When you bog down your mental health with negative thoughts, to take a moment to bring in 10x as much positive.

Don't let life's temporary worries, and struggles dictate your happiness have them work for you. 99% of all my creations have happened because I needed to take a breather.

What beauty awaits in that stormy mind of yours?

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