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Friday, June 26, 2015

Review it!!!!!!!!

~ Feature Friday VIII~
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Every Friday I will be reviewing a different shop. When inquiring about this type of post, my fellow Etsian's have surprised me with a positive and abundant response to my blog request I sent out.

To better understand the review read this:
*The category I reviewed is the Largest word before or in the bold text.
*The bold text tells what I am looking for in the category for a positive score.
*The red or blue text that follows is what I thought of how the store does in the category, red meaning needing improvementblue meaning no improvement needed.

Without further ado let's get this review going.
What we have up today is the wonderful little shop, with 242 items, HolzDesignGermany
Opened on May 15, 2014 and is at a staggering 1,372 sales, the total sales thus far are fantastic for such a new shop. (NOTE: I only review new shops if they have a minimum of 20 items).

Banner: Is there a professional looking banner that depicts what the shop is about, or sells?

Yes. 10/10 points

When it comes to the photos it is important that they are very clean and use white light. Which is the best type of lighting to show the items true color. Make sure there are a variety, and shows off all the important parts of the item. The photos are the most important part of your shop.

While browsing the shops photos, I found that all of the listings were spot on, being clear and crisp. Holz made sure to show all aspects of the handcrafted earrings/bracelets/necklaces the viewer needs to see to know what they would receive. 50/50 points

Tags: When listing your items it is very important to put what you would in the search bar. Views = Sales.

While looking at the tags, I was happy to see that all 13 spots were used, which is vital when it comes to searches. Making sure to use what you would when searching for your own items. All the tag used were creative, and would help the potential buyer find their items, and shop. (Example: Title: Organic Ear Gauge Plugs + The tag: Wood Ear Plugs = A more viewed, favorited item.) 10/10 points Also, many people don't know this, but pluralization does NOT matter when adding tags. Which means you can add even more tags. So be creative!

Descriptions should tell you even more information about the item you're looking at. If you are looking at a purse, it should have the size, or size options listed. You also should also verify what the potential buyer is looking at. Mentioning your packaging and where to find your policies is always an added bonus.

Well Holz does it all, talking about packaging, lists sizing, explains shipping, talks about the materials, and reconfirms what the viewer sees in the photo. I don't think I've seen a better put together description box. Bonus: Adding other listings! 20/20 points

Featured items: What are featured items, and what items should I feature? You should feature any 4 items that are your personal favorites, and you should pick your favorite from different sections of your shop. Having a variety of different items that all grab your eye will help your shoppers know what they may find while browsing.
You MUST use all 4 featured spots, never letting a slot go unfilled for a long period of time. This makes your shop look unkempt, or inactive.

Holz makes sure to fill all 4 spots, and they are diverse items showcasing what the shop has to offer. Even though 3/4 are earrings, the variety of style shown in each piece is perfect to help show off the items you may find in the shop. 5/5 points

Shop Sections: I want an amulet, a bracelet, and a gift for my friend with gauges. Can I find that easily?
With the shop sections I can. Use all 10 sections on your shop, and make sure you use one for sales, clearance, or destashing items. Even if it's not used very often, this will help for the bargain hunters that pop into your shop from time to time.

Holz uses 9/10 sections, but that doesn't mean there isn't reserved listing section. The shop has a section for faux gauges, and real plugs making it insanely easy to find what one may need/want. Holz is 100% using the sections the way it was intended.  20/20 points

Pricing is something that is tough for many people, I wouldn't bat an eye dropping $200 on a watch at a retail setting. With the knowledge that others have successfully purchased prior and been satisfied with the quality that was advertised, I wouldn't bat an eye elsewhere.

Holz has prices varying from $10.91 - $342.29. Art works take time, and patience. The skill and love that goes into each art work makes it priceless to the artist, with this said when it comes to art pieces the monetary value is strictly up to them. 10/10 points. Note: The weird pricing scale is for the simple fact that Holz prices are using German currency, and when changed over to USD the prices become more specific.

About the seller: As long as this newly added feature is filled out, with no spelling mistakes I'm happy with it. This is another MUST DO, you want your buyers to know whom they are supporting with each purchase.

This is true for Holz. 20/20 points Super simple fix, please take the time to add one.

When it comes to reviews they speak for themselves:

The reviews are abundant, and many of them rave about the product. Unfortunately, I did seem a handful of disappointing reviews, be sure to talk to your customers when there is an issue. 3/5 points
How to help get your customers to leave reviews? 

Make sure to send a handwritten thank you note with each purchase, and leave a reminder somewhere on the card, about leaving feedback. Most buyers will return to let you know how you did.

So, with all of that said, I give  Holz Design Germany, a 148/150 

1- 30  Not worth my time
31-60  Not worth my money
61-90  Would heart
91-120  Would buy from
121-150  Would buy from loyally

About the seller: I asked Tina, the face behind Holz Design Germany, 6 questions here is what she had to say:

1.) Tell us a bit about yourself.

I´m Tina, 26 years from Germany. Me and my husband Andy, 29 years from Germany as well, are behind the small Wooden - Jewelry Label "Holz - Design".

Wooden Ear Studs

 What first made you want to become an artist?

Back in 2008 we moved over to Bali - Indonesia, which is full of amazing art-workers with Wood, Shell and everything they can find in nature. We have been inspired by their artwork and have watched them while working. In Bali we have learned a lot about Wood-works, carving techniques, finishing and how to make jewelry in a traditional way.

This is what made us to become an Artist. We have worked with the Balinese Artists together and it was one of the most valuable experience we have ever made ;)

In 2013 we moved back to Germany and didn't want to give up this Wood working which has become our most loved Hobby at this 5 years in Bali. So we decided to improve our skills here in Europe add some new European techniques to our Asian techniques and produce high quality wooden jewelry in harmony with the nature. 

 Please describe you creative process how, when, materials, ect.

We are working with many different kinds of Wood (e.g. black ebony, contrasting Zebrano or light Ahorn hard maple and so many different Colors too). 

First we are making a draft of how the new jewelry should look like. Based on this draft we are finishing a raw model from the Piece of jewelry. This is going to be sanded with 80, 120, 200, 400 and 5000 sand paper to make the surface very smooth.

After the sanding process the Piece of jewelry will be finished with a mixture of natural beeswax and carnaubawax to seal the wooden surface and make the jewelry shiny.

Bentwood Ring | Wedding Ring | Couples Ring 



Etsy - Shop:

DaWanda - Shop:



 What advice would you give to artists who are new to Etsy?

My advice to an Artist new on Etsy;

BE PATIENT! Work hard on your Tags and Titles, be active at the community, add as much items you can, renew or list a new item each day and BE PATIENT ;)

Organic Medallion Amulet | Wooden Pendant Necklace


6.) How do you promote your work?

Online I´m promoting my items on Facebook and Pinterest. Offline I´m going on markets / shows which gives me a lot of new customers and great contact directly to the customers.

Also, I´m putting a Business Card to each order I´m shipping out. Mostly the peoples want to keep the Business Card to return for a second purchase or forward the card to some friend who might want to buy, as well.

What do you think of this shop? Was my review fair and accurate? Tell me below in the comments.

*All participating parties have consented to the review above, along with opinions, and permission has been granted to use likenesses, photos, and links from the shops owner and operator.
*Opinions stated by shops reviewed do not reflect or represent the opinions of AshleysHomeSpun.

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  1. One of my readers that doesn't have the means to comment, contacted me with what they would like to say to the shop owner that was featured.

    Monika K,

    "Tina and Andy I love your shop, your photos are brilliant, and your logo is so beautiful. :)"