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Friday, June 5, 2015

Shortie Sitter Sets


Do you know what the best thing in life is? To me it's baby feet, maternity bellies, breast feeding, birth stories, baby rolls, and children's honesty.

If none of those are your best thing in life, I would hope you would at least agree they are a great part of human existence.

So big shock the woman that makes props, and take pictures of growing families for a living loves all those things. Another great joy in my life has to be emails with attachments.

Now not just any email, spam and viruses are the worst for a digital photographer, and online business owner. But when my little notification turns on and the email is from a friendly sharp shooter, my heart beats fast.

There are a few reasons, I'll list 3 good ones below, as to why an attachment can make my year.

Precious Stones Photography

Bright Eye Boutique

Sisterly Love Photography

I'd say those are some pretty convincing reasons, I don't think a counter debate even has a leg to stand on.

I hope you like my new little Shortie Sitter Sets, now available in Newborn to - 6 to 12 months sizes.
Click Here to view the Sets

I can't wait to show you more of a my favorite things, in the next post.


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