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Monday, March 17, 2014

Sweet Somethings

Do you over think?

When it comes to opportunities, do you tend to let them pass you by as you dumbly smile and stand still? Do you think way too far into something, and let it keep you in your comfort zone?

When I said, I'm no longer going to work Sundays, I meant it. When I went to my boss, I told him my concerns and politely asked about the change. Happily, he fixed my issue, and I no longer work Sundays.

This is a huge thing for me, because I went to my boss, and I did what I said I'd do. Now normally I do what I say, unless it has to deal with confrontation. Confrontation makes me weak, literally. Well, it used too.

Now I see it as a small bump in life, no longer an impassable mountain that it used to be. I then went about my day in my job area, doing it just like any other day. (My job has a lot of one on one with many people). That was when two ladies came in, it was my turn, and I came up to help them.

After sometime, one of them pulled out a laptop, and I noticed a tiny baby on the screen. "Aw." I thought to myself, "They have a tiny slideshow, for the wait."

Then I walked passed again, this time it was another photo, the same baby now in a crib, a wave over took me as saw it wasn't a slideshow, and recognized the editing software she was using. Instantly, I realized she was a photographer.

So I ended up walking passed her a few times, after making sure they were okay first, I decided it was now or never to speak up my thoughts.

A conversation later, we had traded business names/cards, and she was telling me to text or call her so we could talk further.

Not only did I tell her about my photography, not only did I tell her about my deals for photographers and my hats, but I also found a mentor!

You read that right, I found a mentor! She's been at it for 10 years, and shoot everything I'm interested in. She's been looking for someone to take under her wing, and I popped up. We ended up talking further, and find out more about each other.

We ended the phone conversation by planning a meeting up soon, and doing a few social/test shoots together, to see where we meet, and where I need to work on.

Such a blessing, I honestly believe the man up stairs had his hand on this one 100%. Thank goodness he gave me the strength to go ask her about the baby on the screen.

Bonus: Today, I'm off to the yarn shop to get supplies for an order for a couple of headbands. So I'll be creating as well today, but while I do that, I'll just leave this here:

Newborn Mohair Bonnet


  1. Congrats! Looking forward to all your new ideas!

    1. Thank you Michele! I can't wait to get started learning all the new things, and I can't wait to add new stuff to my shop, too.

  2. Awesome babe its so strange the people one meets along life's road

    1. It's such a blessing! I'm so very excited to have met her. Thanks darling!