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Friday, February 14, 2014

New hat to the shop!

Something Different

We all get in a rut every now and again, including myself with 3 jobs, a house to clean, and a hubby to keep happy. This includes a rut in my business, making the same hats with each order. Renewing listings, paying the Etsy bill.

Then comes along that magical person that wants something different. When I say I love customs, I don't mean the international kind, I mean custom designed orders. This last month was full of them, from a red riding hood prop, to a large order with new colors of my pom pom hat, with a lamb hat requested for fun, and even newborn pants.

Okay so the last one I requested myself to make. After getting back into the fun of making my own patterns, or cracking open one I've never done before, I told myself. Let's do something different.

So I did, and kept doing. I kept looking at newborn pants patterns, and didn't find a single one I liked, so I made my own. Once I pair it with a cute tie back, or a hat, or both, I'll send it off for photos. Finally, I was able to cut away from the same old rolls of yarn, and grab something different.

While making the custom request for 3 big pom poms, and a lamb hat; I also made a new style mohair hat for my shop. I also made a newborn version of my lamb hat, but I feel like it's still missing that special something, so it may be a while until you see that.

But back to the mohair hat, I started it and finished around 2 am (which is common for my creative juices), and sent a late night photo to a photographer of mine.

With a photo attachment, it read, "I just made this would you be interested?" Naturally, she said yes, and within a week or so I received this image:

Click Here to see the listing
I just about died, how cute is that?! Best part, this isn't all that I received, and she plans on sending me more!

Then she asked if she could purchase some for herself, and we worked out a deal and I will be getting more photos of this type of hat, in different colors.

Wondering who the awesome photographer is? Her name is Erin Steele, Click Here to become a fan of her facebook fan page, and view her many great photos.

So here you have it! Please comment with what you think about the new hat, and tell me what you would like to see next?

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