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Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year; New Firsts


To be quite honest, ever since I started talking and walking, my personal "firsts" have been few and far between. What could this year offer for me so soon?

Well, to answer that question, on the 9th of January, in the year on 2014. My husband and I became home owners of our very first house.

I can't believe I'm actually officially calling it ours, it seemed like the day of signing would never come. But it happened! We cannot wait to start unpacking our place and designing it around us. I'm so happy my hubby will get his own personal room, and so will I. That means, photography studio/craft room for me!!!

It will mostly be a photography studio, and just store my craft supplies, but it's a huge start! Who knows maybe we'll make me a tiny office some where for my billion balls of yarn. All I know is that this is actually ours, well technically it's the banks for the next 30 years til we pay it off, but still. It's ours.

If you don't know, and some of you may not, we don't have any children. We are planning on waiting just a while longer until we are ready for tiny feet dancing between us. So the game plan is, a clean, beautiful, perfect, and manicured house. My mind is buzzing with layouts, and themes, and designs. I cannot wait to show off my DIYs that I have in store for our furniture.

Take this as an announcement, this blog is still about my Shop, but it'll also be about how you can restore, and create new pieces for you house. Made out of old and broken furniture. This is something my hubby and I promised each other when we got our first place.

We don't think we'll sell what we make, it'll most likely be what we make is for our house. One of the first things I would love to create is a wine cabinet. Those things are always to crazy expensive...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Next, this isn't a first, because I actually have another niece who is 5 and a new nephew who is around 6 months. But my brother and his wife just had their first child, a baby girl! I was honored with being chosen for her maternity, and newborn photography.

Baby Kristy

There she is, in all her glory. If you click here will take you to my website, and you can view some of the photography I've done. If you do decide to check it out, what do you think? Please comment below with your thoughts; I could use the feedback!

Last, and certainly not least, I've had my first sale of the year! I can't wait to get this tiny hat out to the expecting person on the other end of the post.

AshleysHomeSpun Newsboys Hat

Feel free to visit my website here, and photo credit to Kari Layland.

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