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Sunday, August 14, 2011

18 New things since Feb.!

Lets start with smaller things and go to the Top News.

18. 3 friends just had kids, 1 is a few months away -
So this wouldn't seem like small news if they were "good" friends. They are really people I just knew from high school. I emotionally supported them through the entire/most of their pregnancies. 2 of them where left by their babydaddies for other women. 1 is so bold to say it's not his, and refuses to see his son. And yes it's his, she was his first and only, you can get pregnant the first time. I have another friend with a 2 year old son to prove it. 3 boys, and 1 girl in this group of pregnancies. Hint the picture.

17. Finally got my items back -
I don't think I told you all this but, I was paying for photos ($1 per photo of my choice) of 3 of my items. I sent them to the photographer LAST YEAR and finally got all the items back a few months ago, I sent one of the hats to my sponser, whom we'll talk about in a second.

16.  Limiting photographers -
Not only did the "pay for photos" person bum me out about getting new photographers, but I just had too many. And some didn't contact me back after we discussed a price for shipping or items, so glad I didn't really lose any money there. So if you want to be a photographer of mine you have to contact me regularly, and build a relationship with me first.

15. A sponser -
That's right I have a sponser now. I send her items, she photographs them, then I get them back. If she would like to keep the item she gets a very special price for them. But this way I don't lose a bunch of money and she gets to keep rotating props.

Her website is:

14. Almost all photos are of babies -
Really happy about this announcement, my goal was to have all my items with real baby models. And now I have 25 out of 29 items with real models! I hope to keep it growing.

13. 300 fans -
Yes ma'am/sir I now have 300 fan on my facebook fan page:

This actually happened a week ago, but it's not too big of news so it only made it to 13.

12. New patterns, Yarn, & Prices -
Unfortunately Since I don't have a lot of time to make my own patterns anymore I had to give in and buy some, but they're really cute and totally worth it! I now am buying organic yarn from a farmer who spins her own. Keep an eye out looking for a new creation with this yarn. It's not cheap though.
Speaking of not cheap, I have raised my prices, but don't let that discourage you, they are still very affordable :)

11. Joined a modeling agency -
 I am now apart of a wonderful modeling agency where I can book mommies, and their kids to photography my items. There are newborns to 18 for kids, adults, and Non-pregnant and very pregnant mommies too! It amazing how cute they all are.

10. Booking a mommy model -
I needed a maternity model and I found the sweetest one through the modeling agency. She is keeping me updated throughout her pregnancy and she's not at 37 inches around. After she has her lil girl, she'll also be using a second item I'm sending her on her baby. It will be a set, a before and after type of thing. Keep an eye out for that, too. 

9. 100 sales -
I can't believe it either but I hit 100 sales about 2 months ago...I think. Now I'm up to 106. Summer made sales slow, but they are starting to come back for winter!

8. 1st giveaway -
I'm sorry I didn't tell my blog followers this, but after I hit 100 sales I had my first giveaway. The winner also bought a 3 year olds hat from me right after the sale :) I'll have more giveaways though, and I'll tell everyone here. 

7. A dozen new items -
Lots of new items have made it here: go check them out I'm very proud!

6. Turning 19 -
My last year as an official teenager :( but I'm excited to finally be rid of all the pimples and weird voice changes....oh wait I'm a girl, I didn't have those issues. Well maybe a zit here or there, but nothing major, haha. I'm so happy about my life right now, I can't believe I'm just 19. I feel like I should be older, people keep telling me I look 15 though...grrr.

5. New camera -
A new camera is just what the doctor ordered, totally paid for by me. This will be the first of many; once I finally become a photographer. It's really great, but I need a new one that zooms in a lot more, but those are so expensive. My Nikon is $400 but I think those are $1200+. Crazy! I've taken some great photos already though. (Photo is not actual camera I got).

4. New job -
And how did I pay for this camera?!?!?!?! With a new job of course! I now work at Wally World as an Over Night Stocker. The pay is actually really nice, I'm really bless to have this job!

3. New car -
I also bought an almost brand new car, 2009 baby!!! It has 63,000 miles on it but it's still amazing. A lot better than my getto truck, which I "sold" to my younger brother. I sold it to him for only $500, and all that money is actually going to go to fixing it up some more, but he doesn't know that yet, so shhhh. 

2. Engagement -
Yes!!! And this is only #2!!! He proposed off a cliff on our vacation to Colorado in June. It was so cold, and I complained the whole way up, I just wanted to go back down and BAM, he pulled out a ring. It was very romantic and I was glowing for the rest of the month, now we are wedding planning. (Top photo, the actual proposal, yes that's us. Bottom photo, engagement announcement photo, yes that's us, too.)

Top News. Wedding dress -
I bought my wedding dress about 3 weeks ago! It's amazing and I just love it. The top photo is actually one of our engagement photos, taken by my camera. And yes the engagement photo next to #2 is actually us. He's 21, and as you know I'm about to be 19! (This picture above looks nothing like my actual dress, just in case my mister is reading this).

Well that's all for now, I hope to re-update you more regularly now but you never know what might come up. Ttfn!


Leave any congrats, questions, or non-sense below in the comments!!!

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