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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Giveaway, new photos, and more.

Well here is a new photo from a professional photographer, that was also a customer.

This photographer was great, and super fast. I asked if she wanted to continue working with me and I could offer her a discount.

Unfortunately, she totally ignored me saying, "discount" and continually told me to send her stuff, for free. I said the word discount about three times, and each time she disregarded the option of paying for another prop.

Eventually I just said "Okay, thank you." and went on. I don't mind trading for photos, but I do mind when people ignore what I'm saying to get out of paying for something. I don't give away things for free, unless I'm doing a giveaway.

Speaking of giveaways...I'LL BE HAVING ONE SOON. 23 More sales and I'll have my 100th celebration giveaway. I'm not sure what hat I'll be giving away yet. Any suggestions? Comment them below.

I'll be hosting the giveaway on my facebook. I hope to see you there. :)

I have a Twitter now too, here. I haven't done much with my twitter, but add me anyway :P

I'm up to 77 sales :D I can't believe how these last few months have been for me, they make me happy.

My mister got a new job, and his first day was today. He's hard at work digging a trench. They are making him do the hard work first to see if he'll do a good job, then he'll be moved up. :)

I'm very excited b.c with this new job we should be ENGAGED in the next few months. But you didn't hear that from me ;).

Still waiting for more photos to arrive, from many photographers.

My friend Ashley, is having a baby shower on March 5th, and her lil boy is due April but he could arrive any day now. I'll be posting her hat, (yes I'm making her a hat, duh!) on Etsy too! It's going to be adorable and I just know she's going to love it.

Kari I believe is due in July, I think I told you guys this 20 times already, and she's having a lil girl. I sent her a few hats already and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of her lil girl.

I had a few more sales in the past week 3 to be exact. 1 custom order brown hooded cocoon, 1 random sale of my storm cloud EAR HAT, and 1 custom order green and blue BELL HAT.

Here is the brown cocoon, that was sent out this morning.

I'll be posting the blue and green BELL HAT'S pic on my facebook fan page.

Well I'm going to go eat some nachos now, ttyl :P

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