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Friday, December 17, 2010

8 Days Away

What have I been up to?

Well about 3 more sales, and tons of new photos. From Niki, my new photographer, and from Ashley Veater.

Who is Ashley Veater? Is she you, Ashley? How come you didn't tell us you were getting another photographer?!?!
Well Ashley Veater is a mom of now 2. She had her second baby a month or so ago, and she also have a very large blog with 600+ followers. That she updates all the time.
She is NOT me. My Name is Ashley but my last name isn't Veater.
She isn't a new photographer, either. Just a new mother, with a blog, and one of my hats. She is going to give me a blog review on her site and hopefully send some customers my way. I know I'll be getting tons more views when she does.
I'll post Niki's photos soon too. I am awaiting on more collection of photos from her. For my top secret item.

Why is it top secret? Can you give us a hint? Are you still working with Kari?

It's top secret because I love the suspense. Not to tick you off or make you want to know. I just love BIG reveals. Plus, I've had a few copy cats, and snoopy people on my back lately and I'm just going to try and keep this one on the down low.
Yes I can give you a hint. It's a hat. Big shock right?
I am still working with Kari, yes. So don't worry, her beautiful baby girl Zarha is going to show up again. And in June her new baby is due, so I'll have another little Layland baby added to the HomeSpun family.

Two more questions, are you going to make anything other than hats? Are you going to add new style hats?
Yes I am. I am working on a baby wrap right now. That most likely wont be added to the HomeSpun shop until I get photos for it. Because it looks silly without a baby to go with.
I've added earflap hats with braids. This hat has 3 pom poms. That's right 3!!!!I will be adding new elf hats too. Hopefully, I'll be able to alter a pattern I just got to fit older babies, and children.

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