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Monday, August 9, 2010

New Banner Alert

Well here it is, my new banner. It's full size on my Etsy, and it took me about 2 hours to make.

This is my photo, that was taken by Alissa (aka) Pocket Full of Posies Photography.

I used Gimp 2 to make my banner, I'm very proud of my creation I think it will get a lot of attention.

I plan on making a S-A-L-E banner, and a Vacation banner, but not at this time.

I'm just happy to have finished this one. My shop will kind of be like the google site, and the banner will change periodicaly, not too often though.

I'm hoping for more sales to start up, and I have made more plushies to be added this thursday.
I'm going to be regualarly adding items for now on, (because I will be back at home and have my camera again).

Don't forget to come back over to this blog tomorrow for the Newest AshleysHomeSpun FYi #2.


I will be adding new plushies, but not an Owl, Frog, or Turtle.

I will instead be adding a Bunny, (New Style) Octopus, and a Jellyfish!!!

Sorry about the confusion, but when I started creating my hook led me elsewhere.

Another thing! Baby hats will be added too, but not men and women hats.

Sorry again, but I forgot how many items that would be. (If I did add them all at once that would be over 30 items o.O).

So I'm keeping it simple and just adding about 12(ish).


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