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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coral the Octopus - First Feature

First Feature

Well here it is, my first featured item ever. I know it's my own item, but it also an experiment.

Here is Coral, and this is her story.

"I was swimming along in the mind of Ashley one day, and I saw my little brother leave the inner thoughts, and become a physical creation. I wanted to join him in the real world, and start a whole new life. So as Ashley was busy relaxing one afternoon I decided to make my move and buzz around her thoughts. I stole some Creativity, and Inspiration from the nervous system and sparked Ashley when she least expected it. Soon I was slowly disappearing from the depths of her thoughts and forming into a physical creation. Soon the only thing left to be brought to life was my thoughts. Which are now in the physical world. I remember waving goodbye to all the creatures still buzzing around Ashley's mind. I wonder if we'll meet again. I don't know that but I'm happy to be here now. But my new dream is to find a loving home, with a happy child to care and play with me."
My story.
When did you first think of making this item?
One late afternoon, right after I created her brother, Inky.
What did you use to make your item?
I used a belt loom, for her legs, some fluff yarn, and a crochet hook. Her eye's are brads.
Is this item one of a kind or could you make another exact copy?
Usually I would say I could make another exact copy, but when it comes to my plushies I try to make each one unique. Of coarse I could make another Octopus that looks like her, but I would re-name it, and give it another story.
What other items do you make?
I make baby photo prop hats, adult/teenagers hat, scarves, MANLY MAN BRACELETS, Flowers, Neck Warmers, Coffee Sleeves, and Ipod Socks.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully a success on Etsy, and in my own shop. I hope to be married, and live in a small house, and maybe a baby on the way.
Will you tell your friends about this blog? My Shop?
Yes, and yes.

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  1. If you haven't heard yet: CORAL SOLD!!!

    Look through my blog posts, I did a blog about her being sold :D.