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Monday, July 26, 2010

The AshleysHomeSpun FYi #1

Well this is the first of many FYi's. Every Tuesday I will be getting on blogspot and posting the newest of the new, news. From older items, to new upcoming events.

Today on The AshleysHomeSpun FYi I'll be informing you on new items soon to be seen at my shop.

New Item List: This week:

1.) More Plushies (owl, turtle, frog).
2.) More baby hats (normal baby hats).

New Item List: Next week:

1.) Adult/Teen Hats (All sorts, even some for men :D).

Upcoming: In a few more weeks:

1.) Scarves (different shapes and sizes).

One last FYi, my store maybe getting a make over in a month!

That means a NEW BANNER and/or a NEW temp. AVATAR!!!

A sale on all Flower Gift Bows in 1 week!

That's all the FYi for this week, come back next Tuesday to find out more :D.

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