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Friday, March 25, 2016

Ovulation Tests - TTC

*Disclaimer, all TTC posts will be unfiltered and real life truth. If menstrual cycles, ovulation, pregnancy, sexual themes/words, bodily fluids and functions, make you uneasy, please refrain from reading further. This is your warning, and I will not apologize if you feel offended by my words in any way.

Ovulation tests are much more complicated than pregnancy tests, they also take forever (the full 3 minutes) and there are many things that can go wrong, and waiting 8 minutes for an error message to go away, just to wait another 3 minutes for a new test can leave you very anxious.

Also, those little lines, mean almost nothing, if you're using Digital life's ovulation tests. I felt like I had three test  (all from different days) with all the same little two lines, but only one came back with a high Lg Surge.

The life of a woman TTC can seem to be only to be for peeing on sticks, and waiting 3 minutes.

Surely, there has to be a better way, well unless affordable at home sonograms, or blood testing kits become a thing we are stuck checking temps, checking fluid, and peeing on sticks.

I'm already done doing all of it, and this is my first month of TTC!

I will say this, when I got my first SMILEY I was ecstatic, I showed my mom and my husband I just about talked my poor dads ear off right after I got it. Then after the excitement of finally getting a positive ovulation test wore off the, "OH NO, I ONLY HAVE 12 HOURS!!!" set in.

Yes it's 12 to 24, but when it's something you want to last forever, you expect it to be quick, and if its something that "shouldn't take too long", it lasts forever.

Thankfully, it all worked out, and my DH and I had a long conversation about what is reasonable to expect, and what is reasonable to compromise with with each month we try. We agreed on a window, or we will never hit the mark, and I agreed to be calm with every SMILEY or Empty Circle.

Lastly, the reason why I don't count my menstrual cycle as apart of my 28 day cycle, is for this reason. My P.Tracker app counts it as 32 days, and I ovulated like a 28 day cycle. It told me 3 days after my ovulation was said and done with, that I was NOW going to ovulate. I certainly would have missed the mark, had I just been using one form of tracking and testing.

Finding what works for you, and with you is the best thing to do, and try not to become stressed and obsessed.

I know taking your first ovulation test, makes you wish it was tomorrow so you could get to THE DAY sooner. But enjoy your days, do what you need to, because in time, you won't have any, and you'll be missing the days that went slower.

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