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Thursday, January 27, 2011

So much yarn, so many hats, so many orders!!!


That's right guys, more sales. I know what you're thinking, "like you didn't have enough already".

Well guess what, I actually need the sales. I'm saving up for a rainy day, maybe for a house, an apartment. Maybe a wedding ring for my mister. Idk, but I need the money. Who doesn't now days?

Well I'll just come out and say it...63! I am up to 63 sales!!! I got my new goal for 15 hats this month, and went over it. I was sure I wouldn't sell anymore, but by the grace of God I got 3 more sales, and 1 custom order.

I also have another custom order for a mommy at church. So I have to make and send out 5 hats by Sunday.

I just wanted to tell you guys now, because I might be gone for a few days. There will be a Featured Shop this Friday, but that's it until next week. I hope to have more items up by Saturday or something. Only time will tell.

I am swamped but I will take more orders, so if anyone needs a hat, for ANY SIZE. Contact me on etsy,

Goodnight & God Bless,

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