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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kayla my lil model


Well good gravy! What you see pictured is a new custom item that I've made for a customer a few days ago.

I finished the hat while at my church and my 2 year old niece was just hugging on me and wanted to see what I was doing. So she pulled up a high chair and asked if she could hang out with me. She's a very smart 2 year old.

So I let her sit beside me and play with all my tools and excess yarn, and yes it did keep her very busy. Until I had to take it away from her then I made her, her very own pom pom.

After I finished the hat I took a few pictures of her in the Kitty earflap hat and the Black earflap hat. Which is what you see pictured.

She is so spoiled and doesn't like not getting her way, but I am always able to make her listen to me. Hahaha. That's because I wont let her get away with anything, but I'm still very sweet to her and even if I don't think she'll understand what I'm saying I'll still attempt at explaining. I kept her from throwing a fit in the middle of church. Go me!

But seriously, I love my little one. [even though she's not really mine]. And I have to brag and make her an Etsy Star, it's just impossible not too.

So there are my new hats, and there is my little niece Kayla.

I hope if you need a hat you'll come to me, and I will make your little one a Etsy Star too. If you ever buy a hat from me and send me back pictures with your little one/you in the hat, and they aren't blurry and just have you and the hat in the picture, I'll use that photo on a new listing.

Merry Christmas. Can't believe it's only 2 days away!

I'm now up to 40 sales. Soon 41 sales.

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