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Friday, November 5, 2010

Not Everything is Always Peaches and Cream

I usually have good news. I'm always happy.
But from the past 2 weeks my smile has faded.

I don't let rude people get to me, I don't let a sour attitude get me down. Unfortunately this time, I did.

As you know I've been on a photographer hunt for like ever. I'm very picky with those I even consider.

Well, a friend I made in the chatrooms decided to help me out, and gave me a website she used for one of her product photos. She was very pleased with them and said they were fast and nice. And she was right, they were; were.

She gave me the website, and I went to it and put it on my favorites, so I could finish chatting. Well after an hour or so, I decided to go check it out. It was a modeling/photographer website.

In other words you paid this site to make your kid a model, or you pay to have your photography business listed. It's a really neat site, I loved looking at all the models, and photography shops. This site seemed perfect.

Pressed the "contact us" button and sent an email explaining what I wanted, and asked if they had any interest in working with me. I was contacted back the next day. Early too. Nothing but the best for a potential customer.

Well after about 6 or 7 emails back and forth, we had come to an agreement, or so I thought.
Here is the end of the emails.


Are you willing to do trades?



Yes, I am willing to do trades. We can trade no problem :)



Is paying for shipping okay with you? That's how I usually trade.

All my photographers pay for shipping, send me photos, and keep the item.



Sure, I don't mind.




Great contact me on Etsy, and we can work out the rest of the details there.

Ashley. "

That sounds great right? (Yes she has an Etsy, and yes I told her my username so she could find me). I waited for 10 days. No emails back, no Etsy convos.
I contacted her 4 more times, with no luck too. I made a new email, not email address, just a new email.

She finally responded, saying

"I'm so sorry, I've been really busy. I have actually been working with other designers that are not charging me shipping.

but thank you for your consideration."


Then after I contacted her one more time she told me that she found someone else and unless I wouldn't charge her shipping she wasn't going to work with me.

So all in all, no her. I can't afford to buy materials, create the item, ship the product, buy more materials, and recreate the item. That's just bad business.

My words of wisdom for you is: Never take things at face value, and always have a back up.

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