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Friday, October 29, 2010

Update! Again!

I was very ill Sunday and Monday, I felt kind of better Tuesday, Wednesday I started to get my strength back, and by Thursday I was back to normal.
I miss a lot of work, but I still managed to add a few hats and also make a sale!!! By add a few hats, I do not mean make them, I do not work while sick. But I was able to add previously made and photographed hats to my website when I had enough strength.
Now that I'm better:

I've made a custom item hat, pink and brown. (I've made something just like it before but this was for a bigger size and was a NORMAL hat)

The FYi for this last week isn't going to be posted late.

I did make another style of hat. The MEGA pom pom hat, it will be shipped out to my BRAND NEW PHOTOGRAPHER, Niki.

Now don't panic Kari, or Kari's fan. I'm still going to be sending Kari my hats and such for photos. I'm just adding Niki to the AshleysHomeSpun Team.

I'm still about half way finished with my new style elf hat, and it's moving slowly...why? Because CIRCLE KNITTING IS TEDIOUS!!! But seriously I'm trying my best to finish up with everything.

One more thing, I WILL be doing more features on my blog!!! Sorry I've missed the last two weeks. Features are a lot harder than you think. My last feature took me 4 hours to do. But hey, I'm not complaining.

Thanks for understanding.

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