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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The AshleysHomeSpun FYi #3

Well here we go again!
You ready?!

Yes I know it's a little late, but I lost track of time with the whole photographers
Everything is going great with the AshleysHomeSpun shop and I've got some great news.

I'm about half way finished with the new style elf hat for adults.
I've gotten a lot of good remarks with it's look and feel.

It's taking so long because I'm circle knitting this type and there are many many many stitches.
So I'll be retaking pictures of old items and relisting a few flowers.
I thought about it and I decided to sell 3 flowers for $2.50.

New things happening this week:

More flowers (Friday)
New Pictures (Saturday)
Hats and Diaper Cover Set(s) (Friday/Monday)

Hopefully Next Week:

Pom Pom Adult Hat (To be decided)
New Style Adult Elf Hat (To be decided)
Customs still welcome.

Hat sizes: 0 to Adult

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